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A lawyer from Zagreb, Miroslav Plišo, bought a small property at the end of the last century where he wanted to spend time and grow olives. Today, his idea has resulted in an impressive wine resort that is supplemented and growing every year. At this estate, guests can expect excellent accommodation and a fantastic oeno-gastronomic offer, in which excellent olive oils and wines stand out. It all started long ago with two labels: Meneghetti white and Meneghetti red, which are produced from international grape varieties, and today they are present on the market with a further ten labels: white and rosé sparkling wine produced using the classic method, elegant rosé, Istrian malvasia in a fresh version and two aged versions. With their partners, the Glavić wine house, they also produce Dubrovnik malvasia. Among the red wines, they additionally offer an elegant merlot, and in particularly good vintages, the single vineyard wine Meneghetti Val Gambalera is also launched on the market. In 2022, a new wine cellar was opened, from which we expect more fine surprises in the coming years.


  • Meneghetti Crveno
  • Meneghetti Bijelo
  • Meneghetti Merlot
  • Meneghetti Malvazija

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