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The Poletti family have been engaged in viticulture since 1842 and their winery is located in the village of Markovac near Višnjan. In that same year, Piero Bernobich both bought land and built a family home with a winery, and that's how this impressive story began. Today, Piero's successor, Peter-Piero Poletti, successfully nurtures the long-standing family tradition, assisted by his wife Loredana and son Matteo. Their vineyards are located on the deep Istrian red soil, and seven varieties of grapes are planted on the seven hectares of land there: white Istrian malvasia and chardonnay and black teran, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and muškat ruža porečki. Should you want to taste the Poletti wines, several different options are on offer. You can do this directly at the winery and enjoy a guided tasting or in one of the famous Istrian restaurants, but perhaps the best option is to head to the old town of Poreč. This is because right next to the Euphrasian Basilica, is Casa Manzolin Wine & Food by Poletti, an elegant bistro where you can enjoy selected delicacies paired with Poletti wines, alongside the wines of their colleagues and friends.


  • Malvazija istarska, 075 l
  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Teran
  • Muškat ruža (rose)

Mini boutique: Yes

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Home made olive oil, Grappa Poletti


International Wine Challenge 2020: Poletti Malvazija Classica,2017 [Bronze] Poletti Malvazija Istarska, 2019 [Bronze] Poletti Teran, 2016 [Bronze] Decanter World Wine Awards 2020: Poletti Cabernet sauvignon 2015 [Silver/90] Poletti Teran 2016 [Bronze/88]

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