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The Rossi winery and distillery inherits a tradition spanning over a hundred years. Everything started back in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy when young Federico moved from Friuli to Istria, to the small village of Bajkine near Vižinada. Countries and systems have changed, but the Rossi family has remained dedicated to viticulture and winemaking. The turning point occurred at the end of the 1980s, when the young Marino entered the wine business with new ideas, expanding it with the offer of distillates. Today, the Rossi family are equally recognised both for their good wines and great distillates, and the business has been taken over by the fifth generation - Luka, Marko and Filip. You can enjoy a wide range of their products in the elegantly decorated tasting room and on the gorgeous terrace: from refreshing gin and tonics and Teranino spritz, excellent wines from either the fresh or aged line, to fine liqueurs and a large range of spirits. Finally, you can light a cigar with Šovran - Istrian brandy XO, an extra old brandy, and on your way out buy everything you like in their store.


International Wine Challenge 2020: Rossi Chardonnay Riserva, 2017 [Silver/91] Rossi Malvazija istarska, 2019 [Silver/90] Rossi Malvazija Templara Riserva, 2017 [Silver/90] Decanter World Wine Awards 2020: Rossi Templara Riserva Malvazija 2017 [Gold/95] Rossi Teran 2018 [Silver/93] Rossi Riserva Chardonnay 2017 [Bronze/89] Rossi Malvazija istarska 2019 [Bronze/87]

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