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The Tomaz winery is a relatively young winery, although it has preserved the family tradition of winemaking for more than a hundred years. It all began in 2008 when Klaudio, together with his father Bruno, started up a garage winery and launched the first wines on the market. Today, 15 years later, the Tomaz winery has become a serious player on the wine scene in Croatia, and their wines are recognised in many European countries. The turning point in the development of the winery is 2023, when a new, modern wine cellar is opened, with all the accompanying facilities. It can accommodate many wine enthusiasts visiting Motovun, one of the most visited destinations in the Istrian interior, during the year. The small town, which is irresistibly reminiscent of Tuscany, has long been known as a grand cru area for teran, but Istrian malvasia also gives good results here. Tomaz wines are present on the market with 13 labels divided into four lines. In addition to three sparkling wines and four wines in the fresh and aged line, two premium labels are also on offer: Teran superiore and muscat white Viktoria, produced from dried grapes.


International Wine Challenge 2020: Tomaz Sesto Senso Malvazija Istarska, 2017 [Silver/92] Tomaz Istarska Malvazija Avangarde, 2019 [Bronze] Decanter World Wine Awards 2020: Tomaz Barbarossa Teran 2017 [Gold/96] Tomaz Sesto Senso Malvazija 2017 [Gold/95] Tomaz Victoria Muškat 2018 [Silver/91]

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