Istria top 5

Top 5 Inspirational Viewpoints in Istria

As a peninsula, Istria offers myriad ways to engage with nature and explore new locations with magnificent views of picturesque landscapes.

Being outdoors is beneficial to health, and enjoying romantic scenery lifts one’s spirits. That is why we are presenting the top 5 inspirational viewpoints of Istria.

oprtalj1. The Casanova Viewpoint in Vrsar
Vrsar is one of those little towns on the west coast of Istria whose authentic beauty from ancient times will take your breath away. The Casanova Viewpoint, named after the world’s most famous lover, offers a spectacular view of the Vrsar docks, the marina and the Island of Sveti Juraj (Saint George). It is one of the most inspirational places both for romantic couples and for a couple of friends.

2. Gorgeous View from Oprtalj
If you head to north-western Istria, you must visit the small and picturesque town of Oprtalj, located on a tall hill (378 metres above sea level) close to Motovun and Livade. Oprtalj offers an impressive panorama of the surrounding forests, vineyards, olive groves and fields planted with other crops typical for this area, which bears a striking resemblance to Tuscany, so it comes as no surprise that Istria is often compared to this famous Italian region.

3. Sacred Rock on Verudela, Pula

The southern parts of Istria boast numerous viewpoints where you can take in magnificent sights of the open sea and relax with the sound of waves. One of those that are the easiest to access on foot is the Sacred Rock, located on Verudela, in the town of Pula.

Legend has it that the Sacred Rock got its name in memory of a little church that stood there, but was destroyed in a storm. This is an ideal spot to watch an unforgettable sunset with your significant other.

4. Plomin Viewpoint
The east coast of Istria hides many treasures of natural beauty. When driving down the coastal road, stop at the Plomin Viewpoint and admire the beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay surrounded with flowers and scents that add to this unique experience. The sight of the open sea will take your breath away.

5. Little Istrian town of Vrh

When it comes to inspirational viewpoints, our fifth recommendation is something truly special - Vrh, a little Istrian town north of the Butoniga Lake.

Climb the belfry of the town’s little church to see the mesmerising panorama of over 130 cities, towns and villages of the Istrian peninsula. This hidden gem in the heart of Istria is certainly worth visiting!