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The Unique Vessels Presentation in ACI Marina Rovinj

Last weekend ACI Marina Rovinj offered the best scenery for a premiere of the unique vessel in which enjoyed numerous guests of the event.

The presentation was organized by the Mennyacht company which for 25 years represents the Ferretti brands in this part of Europe. The Ferretti Group produces the unique breathtaking ships with innovative design, sophisticated luxury, top quality materials and technology; and one of this kind of vessels was presented in Rovinj - Custom line Navetta 30.

Custom line Navetta 30 represents the combination of safety and comfort, it is ambitiously large, but it dominates the sea with elegance and graciosity.

This presentation is another proof that Istria, and especially Rovinj, is an excellent choice for the organizers of the official events and team buildings even in post season, respecting all the actual epidemiological rules.

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