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Spring guide through Istria

Green buds, the fragrance of wild flowers, bird chirping...nature is awakening and it is the perfect time to discover new experiences throughout the Istrian peninsula. Be inspired by the new edition of the EnjoyIstra guide with its panoramic views of Istrian towns and landscapes, a few tips&tricks with regard to what to visit as well as a number of interesting stories from every corner of Istria.

The guiding light to the spring edition of this popular four-language brochure are the kampanili – bell towers, and along with the areas’s attractive, historical and gourmet heritage, EnjoyIstra presents eno-gastronomic places worthy of a visit according to a choice of world-renowned guides whose pages Istria regularly occupies.

We believe that the additional recommendation of interesting outdoor activities will encourage those less active among us to take the green trails from one side of our peninsula to the other. Moreover, along with the wide open doors of many Istrian attractions, an exceptional palette of events awaits you over the next few months here.

Running or riding a bike, climbing or fighting with gladiators, cooking or tasting ...  simply - Enjoy Istra!


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