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Istria's Large Media Campaign on all Advertising Channels in Bavaria Has Been Set in Motion

Last year, ITB (Istria Tourism Board) signed a 3-year contract on strategic partnership with one of the most famous football clubs in the world - FC Bayern Munich.The basic idea of this partnership was to connect two premium brands and create quality, top notch products by intertwining marketing activities in offline and online segments, social networks as well as a specific advertising campaign in cooperation with Bayern.

The ITB contracted 10 advertising project activities within this strategic partnership in order to make the most of the FCBM brand strength by building a part of the image and reputation of FCBM into the brand Istria. This is Istria’s biggest and strongest step up in advertising – the effects of the partnership will surely show global influence, mostly because of the club’s popularity all over the world.

The most important event of the Matchdaypresenter project was a special presentation of Istria in the Siemens Cooking Lounge Arena where ITB served an Istrian menu for 40 guests, mostly FCBM owners, strategic partners and media representatives. The renowned Istrian olive oil maker, Tedi Chiavalon, presented the extra virgin olive oil at the event. Istrian delicacies were made by one of the most famous Austrian chefs Alfons Schebeck, who is also a TV star, which made the event more exposed due to his popularity.

At the end of the match, FCBM’s assistant coach Robert Kovač visited ITB’s VIP lounge and greeted everyone present contributing to the overall impression, as well as reputations of both Istria and Croatia.