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Suggested measures to decrease the risk of spread of coronavirus


Following the instructions of the Region of Istria on the 11th March 2020 the important guidelines were made in order to diminish the spread of the coronavirus in the area of the Istrian county, recommended by the Headquarters of the Civil protection of the Region of Istria, we inform you that all the public manifestations in Istria, cultural and sport events are postponed until the 14th of April, 2020.

All the sport and other contests organized in school areas and other areas are postponed till the further notice, and from today the school, universities and kindergarten are closed in the Region of Istria.

With the suggested measures the risk of spreading the coronavirus is diminished in the area of the Region of Istria, and only with the common acting we can contribute to the common objectives. The prevention at this moment is crucial and therefore we ask everyone for responsible behaviour.
Below you can find the latest measures regarding entry at the border crossings in the Republic of Croatia.

Croatia implemented additional containment measures in order to decrease risk of introduction and spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Croatia.

All foreign citizens that enter the territory of the Republic of Croatia that in the last 14 days visited the high risk countries (1st category): Italy, Iran, China (Hubei province including the city of Wuhan), South Korea (the city of Daega and Cheongdo county) and Germany (Heisenberg in the North Rhine-Westphalia) will be kept in 14-days quarantine, and all the Croatian citizens will be self-isolated at their homes in the period of 14 days since they left the infected area.

All foreign citizens that enter the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and in the last 14 days have visited one of these countries (2nd category): China (except the area already included in the 1st category of measures), Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malesia, Bahrein, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, England, Netherlands, Sweden and Bela Krajina in Slovenia will be kept in 14-days quarantine and they have to present the proof that they have the accommodation in Croatia.

Croatian citizens that come from these countries are obliged to 14-days health control in the home self-isolation, and cannot leave the country until the end of the 14-days health custody.

Sick persons from all the mentioned above territories, in case they notice the symptoms of the sickness, they should call the doctor to get the information about the isolation, diagnostics and cure.

The screening procedures for travelers entering the Republic of Croatia are defined in a way to ensure the highest possible protection of health and passengers with minimal disruption to international traffic.

For all information at your disposal is the phone number +385 (0)52 880088 or e-mail:
For all your specific questions regarding the coronavirus situation at your disposal is the e-mail of the Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Croatia: A new phone number 113 is at your disposal for any questions about coronavirus.