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For accommodation owners

- Procedure in case of disease -


1. Inform a competent doctor on the Call Centre telephone number at Istrian Health Centres IDZ - phone: +385 95 3256006
2. Inform the guest to stay inside the accommodation unit until a medical examination has been carried out and until further instructions have been received.
3. Provide the guest with a protective mask and tissues.
4. While awaiting Covid-19 test results, inform the guest about the possibility of a contactless delivery of ready meals.
5. Inform the guest that while awaiting the Covid-19 test results, he/she should maintain the hygiene of the room.
6. Designate one person to communicate with the guest, without entering the accommodation unit. This person should be informed of the mandatory wearing of a protective mask and protective gloves and should maintain physical distance with the infected unit.
7. Following the use of protective equipment (masks, gloves), dispose of them in a waste bin with a lid in which two plastic waste bags are placed, and then wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly.
8. Inform any contacts the guest might have had of the presumed Covid-19 infection and instruct them to remain within the accommodation unit until the test findings are known.
9. Should the guest receive a positive Covid-19 test result, a competent doctor (mob. + 385 95 3256006) together with an epidemiologist (mob. + 385 99 5294455) will decide on further treatment.
10. Once the positive Covid-19 guest has left the accommodation facility, it must be decontaminated by the Institute of Public Health of the Istrian County (mob. + 385 98 9825684).

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