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Epidemiological measures

[Updated: 08/04/2022]

Most epidemiological measures have been abolished in Istria/Croatia.  

Protective masks
The use of medical face masks is still recommended for indoor spaces.  

Masks must be used in:
• pharmacies
• health care institutions (by employees, patients and all those entering the premises of health care institutions)
• social welfare institutions (by employees and visitors)

In other cases, masks are not mandatory indoors, however, they are recommended.
The use of masks largely depends on each individual’s assessment and responsibility.  

Events and gatherings 
COVID certificates are no longer a condition for holding events or gatherings, that is going to certain places, as well as for crossing the border of the Republic of Croatia for those coming to Croatia from EU countries.    

[The decision is applicable from 09/04/2022]

What to do when Covid-19 is suspected

For accommodation owners