Experience Brtonigla

Green Brtonigla

Shy   and   reclusive   at   the   first sight, the green Brtonigla reveals slowly, and those who discover it, hardly resist to the power of its charm. It offers the best from the  Istrian  inland:  natural  parks and caves, picturesque hills, rich flora  and  fauna,  and  the  excellently  preserved  small  churches and chapels testify about the past. Brtonigla, situated on a hill in the interior of green Istria, is known for its unforgettable scenery but also for its numerous wine makers and olive oil producers.  The numerous   acres   of   vineyards and olive groves are surrounded by  pathways  that  lead  towards meadows  and  woods,  deep  into the  centre  of  vibrating  nature that  lives  intact,  far  away  from the modern civilisation. It is also a   place   where   you   can   find superior  wines  and  olive  oils  - many  family  cellars  and  tasting premises  invite  the  travellers  to discover  the  authentic  power  of the local lifestyle.