Experience Brtonigla

In the Colours of Tradition

Conceived as an interesting afternoon tourist itinerary through Brtonigla, a hilltop town surrounded with numerous vineyards and olive groves, yet only  10  minutes  from  the  seashore,  this  tour  will  fill  the  evening  hours  and  reveal  a  new,  romantic  Istria  to  guests  and  inhabitants  alike.  In the colours of tradition will give you an opportunity to take a short trip back in time. Old crafts will be presented in the early evening, giving you a chance to enjoy watching the art of making traditional artefacts. This will also be an opportunity to taste and buy local products Brtonigla is renowned for, like  wine,  olive  oil,  four  soils  bread,  homemade  honey  and  cheese...  In the colours of tradition will also have a gastronomic dimension taking the form of occasional menus and traditional dishes.
Apart from the old crafts, varied gastronomic offer and traditional products, Brtonigla will also open the doors of the Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery, the churches of St. Zenon, St. Roch and All Saints in the town centre and of the building of the future Museum of Wine and Rural Production.
Entrance to the gallery and exhibitions of wines and old photos of Brtonigla are free of charge.