Experience Brtonigla

Four Soils

Istria,   the   Croatian   largest   peninsula,   is based on four types of soil together resulting in this region’s unique prize possession. Brtonigla, or Little Istria as they call it, lies in the heart of its north-west part. This small town, located on vineyard covered hilltops, is the meeting point of the four Istrian soils - white, gray, black and red. White Istria and its rocky ground descend from the Učka and Ćićarija mountain slopes. The gray flysch area of central  Istria  is  made  of  marlstone,  sandstone  and  softer  limestone,  while  the  black  soil  is the most fertile one, abundant with humus. The red terra rossa soil is of special red and brownish-red  colour  or  yellow  and  red  colour. The ultimate queen, as they call it here, of these arable fields is the Istrian Malvasia. According to some sources, the Malvasia variety is at least 2 thousand years old with as many as 30 varieties known all around the Mediterranean.  If  you  come  to  Istria,  make  sure  you  try  the  Istrian  Malvasia,  our  pride  and  joy.  However,  if  you  come  to  Brtonigla,  try  something  completely  different:  we  will  let you in on all its secrets, the secrets of the four  soil  wine.  All  qualities  of  the  harmonic  and  balanced  wines  additionally  intertwine  in the Istrian Malvasia from Brtonigla thanks to its special four soil feature. Malvasia has a special place even in the legend of this small town  -  the  three  princesses  carried  salt,  oil and  grapes,  but  it  was  the  queen  who  carried Malvasia!