Marušići – Marussici

The village of Marušići originates probably from the 16th century when this area was settled by Slavs. The area was settled even earlier according to fragments of prehistoric pottery found in a nearby cave.

The village consists of some thirty houses. Adjacent to the Culture House there is a sculpture park Forma viva, which arose in 1980 thanks to the International Summer Sculpture School called 'Kornarija', which was organized in an abandoned mine. The initiative came from the Coastal Gallery of Piran and was realized through the arrival of students of 'St. Martin's School of Art' from London. During seven years of intensive activity Kornarija was visited by more than hundred students and famous sculptors from all over the world. Some forty sculptures found their place in the surrounding area amidst the karst landscape.

From the park the roads ascends to the village of Sorbar harbouring two picturesque medieval chapels; the small cemetery chapel of St. Lucia with a belfry on the façade and a small porch supported by two square pillars. The interior is very simple and modest with a modern altar made of multicoloured marble. The altarpiece depicting St. Lucia, St. Sebastian and the Virgin with a child was made in 1872 by F. Quajati.