Enduro Grozni Grožnjan


  • Grožnjan-Grisignana


  • 12.10. - 13.10.24



About the event:

Bike race

Grozni Grožnjan is the name of a demanding enduro race hosted by Grožnjan, a popular town of artists. This race is scored for the SloEnduro Cup as well as the Croatian State Championships.

The enduro discipline is rather new in the biking world. There are two different schools of this sport stemming from the USA and France. Races consist of 4 to 5 cross-country sections, which time is measured only in downhill cycling. As the discipline is as dynamic and exciting for the competitors as for the audience, racing tracks are set as close to each other as possible to provide spectators with maximum visibility.

Enduro Grozni takes place on the hills surrounding Grožnjan and St.Juraj as well as along several overpasses crossing the Parenzana route, a former narrow-gauge track. Excellent fun is guaranteed for all participants. Picturesque Grožnjan will ensure pleasantly spent time even for those who did not come for bike riding.