Church of St.Mary of Lakuć - Dvigrad

In the Church of St. Mary of Lakuć in Dvigrad there are late Gothic frescoes which are impressive for the shades of the color of purple, red, green and orange. Only the sanctuary is covered with paintings. In the apse the Christ is shown surrounded by symbols of Evangelists and cosmic signs of the Moon and Sun. Under them is a row of Apostles.

On the triumphal arch is the Annunciation, and below it St. Ursula with two female saints and St. Lawrence. In the apse stretches a painted curtain. The scene following the Annunciation is depicted in the upper part of the southern wall representing the encounter of Mary with Elizabeth. In the upper part of the northern wall there is a depiction of the Birth of Jesus Christ. Under the canopy above the main entrance is the scene of the crowned Virgin Mary the Protectress with mantle underneath which she kept the parishioners. In the church there are a lot of Glagolitic graffiti.