Experience Ližnjan

The fall of the Istrian King

Histrians, with their king Epulon, were among rare nations who had dignity and courage to resist the superior Romans. They have fought gloriously but eventually succumbed to them.

Today’s Vizace, in the prehistoric era, were the centre of life on the Istrian peninsula, not only in the cultural, but also in the spiritual and trading way. Nezakcij was the Histrian capital and political and religious center of a tribal alliance of Histrians. In 177 B.C. a decisive battle between the Romans (numerically superior) and Histrians took place. To escape enemy hands, Epulon (king of Histrians), allegedly, threw himself on the sword and died. His soldiers followed his example.

After the Roman conquest Nezakcij became a military reconnaissance stations on the road that from Pula, passing through Ližnjan, led to Labin and Liburnia. Findings presented in the light of day derived from the period between the eleventh and seventh century B.C. A necropolis, city walls and the foundation trench are preserved from the pre-historic period., The forum, baths, roads, water, doors and the remains of three temples belong to the Roman period.