Experience Svetvinčenat

Medieval Festival

The Medieval Festival has a rich program which takes visitors back in history and re-creates a real medieval atmosphere with knights tournaments, archery, shows and various other medieval activities and games in which guests can participate (like javelin throw, dunk tank, archery, guided tour of the castle).

The three-day festival starts with a festive procession through Svetvinčenat and a reception of the participants and fans of medieval tourneys and tradition by Lords Grimani at the castle. This event is held in August which is growing in popularity and size each year, and the last edition hosted 14 associations from Croatia and neighbouring countries. During the three-day festival there were 200 members dressed up in costumes.

The festival has an all-day program in which guests can visit knight camps and different workshops where they can learn about medieval armour and equipment. The most interesting workshops are archery, dagger throw, catapults and torture devices. The procession starts in the afternoon, followed by a medieval tourney and an archery show. In the evening the inquisition questions a suspected female citizen using torture devices to force a confession. After that the fire program starts, telling the story of the legend of the beautiful Duchess, and the siege of the Castle with fights involving burning cannonballs and arrows.