Wild Plants Festival » cancelled


  • SRC Pristav / Kršan


  • 25.04. - 26.04.20



About the event:

In the spring period, when nature becomes a magical garden where we can pick up food as well as medicines, the village of Kršan will become the centre of the floral world as well as the host to the Wild plant Festival.

Through interesting lectures and workshops, visitors will have the chance of learning the purpose and the way to use wild plants in cooking as well as in phytotherapy. Various educational and professional programs will give you new knowledge about the culinary use of comestible wild plants, their nutritive value and medicinal characteristics and a small part will even be transferred to a suitable gastronomical table with real Istrian delicacies accompanied by homemade wine and musical events.

Walking lovers, especially those willing to search for and get to know the wild plants better, accompanied by a guide, can go on a tour to the nearby Plominska Gora and its peak Sisol.