Sepomaia Viva


  • City centre / Umag-Umago


  • 28.07.20



About the event:

19th international antiquity festival

Popular among the inhabitants and the guests, the historic festival Sepomaia viva invites some ancient times when Istria was ruled by the Romans. 

White wine was drunk with honey, and rose petals were added to the red one. The life flourished in the rustic villas around the present-day Umag, and the standard of beauty and cuisine were different than today. That was between the 1st and the 4th c. AD, in the times when a part of the north-western part of Istrian coast near Umag was known under the name of Sepomaia.

There will be food from the Roman times, performance of the antique dancers and gladiators, and the overview of the ancient times will be supplemented by the old trades’ workshops – pottery, stone-masonry and mosaic-making.