Subotina in an old fashioned way

Subotina or Journey into the Past

In September, on the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, streets and squares of the old town of Buzet turn into a historic stage. All participants of this event wear original folk costumes and clothes resembling townspeople at the turn of the 20th century. The sound of traditional Istrian music is accompanied by the irresistible sweet smell of delicacies that surely satisfy the palate of even the most demanding visitor.

In such a scenography of the past set within the old town walls you can take a stroll down the so-called ethno-trails of ancient crafts. Right in front of your eyes carpenters, coopers, shoemakers, tailors, comb-makers, basket-weavers, wavers, oil producers and pharmacists, as well as other masters of ancient crafts demonstrate skills that have been preserved to this very day.

This unique time machine will surely bring back the old days to remind everyone what life was like back then.

Subotina 2023 - Program:

Friday, 08.09.2023.

Narodni dom u Buzetu, Velika dvorana
Svečana sjednica Gradskog vijeca Grada Buzeta

19:00 - 02:00
Trg Fontana, Buzet
Tartuf truck fest

Caffe bar Goga, Buzet
DJ Mr. G i cocktail bar Aura

Ispred Caffe Bara Green, Buzet
Kaj ce ljudi rec?, alternative music concert
The Restless Sea
No Problem band
Let 3


Saturday, 09.09.2023.

Trg Fontana, Buzet
Tartuf truck fest

Trg Fontana, Buzet
Nastup izvodaca Udruge Mali veliki mikrofon

18:30 - 21:30
Trg Fontana, Buzet
Kutak za djecu: facepainting / igre / kreativna radionica

Trg Fontana, Buzet
Proglasenje dobitnika nagrade "Margerita 2023."

Caffe Bar Tina, Buzet
Band Ko&Ra i DJ Neno

Trg Fontana, Buzet
Pučki teatar Vrh: ,.Ekovizija"

Trg Fontana, Buzet 
Preparation of omelette with truffles made with 2023 eggs

Trg Fontana, Buzet 
Subotina night
Mauro Staraj & La Banda
Replay Band

Sunday, 10.09.2023.

10:30 Parish Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Holy Mass

12:00 - 20:00
Stari grad, Buzet
Old-fashioned Subotina 
12:00 Otvaranje manifestacije sa svečanim mimohodom sudionika, Vela vrata
13:00 Otvaranje izložbe fotografija o gradnji lstarskog vodovoda, Zavičajni muzej Buzet
14:00 Ples na placi pred Vela crekva (Folklorne skupine)
15:00 Ura za utruke, Zavičajni muzej Buzet
16:00 Kant po starinski na Veli šterni
17:00 Ples gospode na placi pred Vela crekva - Associazione "Serenissime danze"
18:00 Ples na Pjacalete (Folklorne skupine)
19:00 Pučki teatar Vrh:,,Ekovizija", Vela šterna

15:00 - 22:00
Trg Fontana, Buzet
Tartuf truck fest