Wine & walk by the sea

Put your sneakers on, it’s wine o’clock! The fifth edition of Wine & Walk by the sea is right around the corner.

The arrival of autumn in Istria is best paired with a walk by the sea and a glass of wine! That’s why we’re inviting you to enjoy the finest wines of Novigrad and delicious Istrian food, while strolling along the green seascapes with a view of the charming town centre.

This time of the year reveals the most beautiful and generous side of northwestern Istria, dressed in warm autumn colours and delicious ripe grapes. So gather your friends and family (or bring your partner along), head for a walk in nature and explore the local wine and gourmet scene.

The 10-km long Wine & Walk route includes 7 tasting stops, each of them offering new tastes and experiences of the best Novigrad wines paired with local sea and meat specialties. You’ll have the chance to try wines produced by passionate local winemakers from the Moreno Ivančić, Degrassi, Veralda, Ghira, Pervino, Leonardo Palčić and Demark wineries.

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About the event:

Sport & gastronomy


  • Atrij benediktinskog samostana / Dajla (Novigrad-Cittanova)


  • 14.10.23


  • TZ Novigrad-Cittanova