Alpen Adria Swim Cup

On 24th September 2022, Novigrad will host the last race of the Alpen Adria Swim Cup series, an open water swimming contest held for the first time in 2019. This fishermen's town on the western coast of Istria boasts stunning bays in a miraculous Mediterranean setting. Protected from the winds, it prides itself in a mild climate and tranquil seas, which makes it an ideal place for open water swimming. We have no doubt that Novigrad will leave a memorable impression on all and enter the big scene when it comes to this type of contests.

There are six tracks of various lengths to choose from: those 10.000 m and 5.000 m long run in a circle from the lagoon to the old town of Novigrad, with the turning point at the Waikiki beach. The 3.400 m and 1.700 m tracks run along the same route, but on a triangular course. For those less ambitious there is a 500 m ‘Let’s All Swim’ race, while the youngest ones can have fun on the 300 m long track. The event's goal is to gather the swimmers of all ages, both professionals and amateurs.

All the races will be held at the Novigrad bay, starting and finishing at the Sirena beach right in front of the Aminess Maestral hotel.

For information and registration: