22. Street Art Poreč

The Poreč Street Art Festival, once again brings together Istrian artists and performers who from 18 to 24 August 2022 will bring a touch of art, and like a constantly flowing river, flow through the streets and squares of Poreč for the pleasure of all walkers and passers-by. They are artists - passers-by, the performances will be contactless, in motion. Artists will stand out either with their costumes, stage movement / stillness or soundscape, otherwise they act like passers-by. The festival is conceived dynamically, as an everyday surprise gift to the city and the people, and, accordingly, the shows of the performers will be published on a daily basis, without a specific location. The program content is adapted to the current epidemiological situation, and the festival is also a reminder that the culture is still there, permanent, unyielding and adaptable.

"No gathering, please!"

At several locations in Poreč's old town, various artists and performers will perform or exhibit their works every day, on the move, from 8 pm to 10 pm, melted into the daily city noise. The program content of that day will be announced in the morning on the day of the performance.

We invite citizens, passers-by and visitors to get involved and try to find where our artists-passers-by are