Astro party Lunasa

All lovers of astronomy, mysticism and mythology are kindly invited to Novigrad. At the height of the summer season, the town hosts a unique astral party called Lunasa.

This event is based on the old Celtic tradition that called August 1 by the name of Lunasa (Lughnasadh) and celebrated it as the first day of summer.
The festival evenings are packed with entertainment and educational events, during which visitors can observe the sky under the guidance of astronomers and experts or listen to captivating lectures. The programme also includes shows and performances, music and other special events.
Under dimmed streetlights, surrounded by ambient, new age and ethno music, Lunasa takes the town centre of Novigrad into a whole new guise. The impressive video projections on the town’s bell tower are sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone watching.

The magical atmosphere of Lunasa conjures up ancient worlds of fairies and elves from old Celtic beliefs, as well as stories and myths that have been passed down to us by word of mouth, and bring us closer to the world of astronomy, revealing the many mysteries of the universe that we live in.