The Young Olive Oil Day’s focus will once again be on Istrian olive growers and oil producers, who have long confirmed their extra virgin olive oil golden status at a world level. 

In addition to the anticipated meetings of olive growers, oil producers, gastronomic experts and liquid "green gold" enthusiasts, one of the strongest symbols of Istria, IstraVirgin is the place where olive growers present their young oils for the first time in November.

Every year visitors are welcomed by a rich program consisting of presentations and oil tastings after the just-finished harvest, from masterclasses to expert lectures on the oil production process and high-class gastronomic offer, and inevitably - the opportunity to buy the finest extra virgin olive oils.

The excellence of Istrian extra virgin olive oils is unquestionable, and this is confirmed every year by the highest awards and recognitions coming from prestigious competitions and evaluations around the world.

Extra virgin olive oil is not just a condiment, but a basic ingredient and the crown of good traditional and contemporary cuisines. Explore the world of olive growing and olive oil: with the presence of eminent foreign and local experts, numerous chefs, pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bartenders and other key players of the gourmet scene, IstraVirgin presents all aspects of the application of Istrian olive oil while tasting great young oils from the just-finished harvest.


About the event:

17th Days of young olive oil



  • Old school / Vodnjan-Dignano

  • Istarska ulica 16


  • 24.11. - 26.11.23