In nomine sancte… Castrum Pisinum

The exhibition In nomine sancte... Castrum Pisinum marks the 1040th anniversary of the first mention of Pazin Castle! It is informative in nature and represents a kind of introduction to the Castle for visitors, providing relevant and interesting information about the history, architecture and significance of the Castle to all of the city of Pazin’s guests.

The Castle’s story is told by way of 15 panels - through turbulent centuries, history, architecture and curiosities both in and around the Castle, chronologically, from 983, its first mention, until the middle of the 20th century, when it became home to museum institutions, which have remained until today.

Besides the history and architecture, which are the fundamental content backbone of the exhibition, interesting facts from history, life, heraldry, art, related to the Castle or which supplement already known stories and information, are highlighted for each time period and on each panel.

Besides a chronological presentation of historical facts, we can see changes, construction styles and upgrades in the context of the architecture of the Castle and its importance and significance primarily from the point of view of the Duchy of Pazin (County of Pazin), as well as that of other historical moments. The exhibition also brings some hitherto less known information and interesting facts, and is full of photographs and reproductions of archival and museum material.

In addition to the materials of the Museum of the City and the archival materials of the State Archives in Pazin, materials from the Apostolic Archives in the Vatican, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, the Diocesan Archives in Poreč, the Croatian State Archives, the State Archives in Rijeka, the National Library in Vienna and the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum from Piran have also been used for research and exhibition purposes.

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About the event:

Outdoor exhibition


  • Plateau in front of the Kaštel (Castle) / Pazin


  • 02.06. - 02.06.24


  • Muzej grada Pazina