Wine Day in Istria

Join us again this year for a delightful Wine Day on the last Sunday of May in Istria!

During Wine Day, all wine enthusiasts - and those soon to be - are invited to visit one of Istria's winemakers. Discover how they produce top-quality, world-renowned wines by blending modern techniques with traditional methods. Everyone eager to explore the wine roads and enjoy tastings of the finest wines is more than welcome!

Open wine cellar day
Takes place throughout Istria on
May, 26 2024 from 9 am until 7 pm

During this announced hedonistic experience, we will mostly offer the most famous wine varieties, from Istrian Malvasia, Teran, and Muscat to Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and excellent blends. Additionally, award-winning wines from the recent international exhibition, Vinistra, will be available-undoubtedly something for every taste.

Wine Day in Istria provides an opportunity to explore attractive and authentic wineries, unique tasting rooms, and family estates. You will be welcomed by friendly hosts who share fascinating wine stories and tastings. It’s also a perfect chance to purchase top-quality bottles.

Additionally, several wineries will offer both wine tastings and their own distillates. The Open Door Days now include an increasing number of producers specializing in exclusively strong alcoholic beverages, ensuring you return with some truly attractive labels of Istrian spirits or liqueurs such as biska, medica, or teranino.

For visiting wineries and distilleries it is necessary to:
- choose a winery/distillery you want to visit
- book a time slot via e-mail
- purchase a ticket

The ticket includes three tastings at each winery/distillery, and the number of locations you can visit is not limited.

Everything you need to participate in the Istrian Wine Day can be done quickly and easily on the website of the Vinistra winemakers' association:

Cheers! Salute! Zum Wohl! Prost! Živjeli! Čin-čin!

Visitors can participate in tastings only by reserving a time slot in advance at their chosen winery, as spots are limited. Without a confirmed reservation, the host may refuse entry.

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