The Lighthouse of Porer

The Porer lighthouse, which is situated on the same named rocky islet, was built in 1833 and is situated a mile and a half southwest from the southern - most cape of Istria - Kamenjak. It was built on the middle of the islet in shape of a round stone tower 35 meters high and is the tallest in Istria. It is automated and included in system of distance surveillance. There is a permanent lighthouse crew. The stone building is a ground- floor building in which there are two apartments. The backyard of the lighthouse continues to the bridge on which there is a crane for lifting boats. The islet is so small that you’ll need a bit more than a minute to take a tour around it, but the walk could take a long time if You take a look at the sunsets which are among the best in the Adriatic. Its longitudinal width is 80 meters. At Porer, the swimming is recommended at the places where the boat dock is situated. The lighthouse keeper will gladly tell you where the swimming is recommended at certain time of the day because the sea currents around the islands are very strong all day, so that even for a good swimmers, it is not recommend swimming away from the coast for more than fifty meters. The waves are very strong, especially in winter. The undersea near the island Porer is attractive for divers and it’s characterized by shallow waters and underwater cliffs. The sea area around Porer is a rich fishing area where you can catch almost 90% of fish which live in the Adriatic Sea. The legends of Porer are hidden in the sand layers in its waters, which hide many ancient remains. In the shallow waters surrounding Kršin, Fenoliga and Large Balkun there are the ship remains that were sunk in a storm which happened around Porer. The highlight of previously mentioned islet Fenoliga is the dinosaur footprints.

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