The Hollywood crew headed by Nicolas Cage could not remain indifferent to the natural beauty of Kamenjak, a peninsula and cape at the southern-most point of Istria, choosing it as the location for shooting the last scenes of Season of the Witch. This action adventure film appeared in cinemas in 2011 year. The story takes place in the 14th century. A heroic crusader played by Nicolas Cage returns from the war to find Europe in the grips of the plague. He is given the task of safeguarding a young girl, whom church dignitaries consider to be a witch and responsible for the plague.

The film was shot in February 2009 at Mala Kolombarica Cove, one of many on Kamenjak peninsula. The Istrian winter landscape is said to have excellently evoked the dramatic atmosphere of the Middle Ages and witch-hunts. Take some time to explore the charms of the pristine Kamenjak peninsula, six kilometres long and about one kilometre wide. Here you will find rocky beaches, small islands, tree groves, crystal clean sea and the preserved footprints of dinosaurs. It is the habitat of as many as 600 plant species, including magnificent orchids.


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