Top 5 Attractions for an Ideal Spring in Istria

As spring awakens, with the first rays of light you would like to spend more time in nature and discover new possibilities and beauties offered by the Istrian peninsula. The perfect blend of attractions offers something for everyone, from natural to historical heritage, tradition, gastronomical offer and culture which will make your spring experience in Istria complete.

Aquarium Pula
Aquarium in Pula for all marine world lovers
Aquarium in Pula is a unique place where the visitors can enjoy seeing hundreds of fish species in the 130-year-old Austro-Hungarian fort and also have an experience of travelling through the centennial history of town Pula.

Rich sea world of the northern and southern Adriatic and Croatian lakes and rivers, as well as several tropical marine and freshwater species will delight everyone, especially the youngest ones.

House of traditional gastronomy in Tar for all gourmet lovers
If you've always wanted to find everything in one place, buy and taste the indigenous Istrian, Dalmatian and Slavonian products, your wish has come true! In the house of traditional gastronomy in Tar in one place, you can find out more about the tradition of olive oil and wine-growing in Istria, Istrian food and wines with the use of multimedia and interactive content. You can taste autochthonous products in an authentic ambience and prepare yourselves for a gastronomic discovery of other parts of Istria and Croatia.

Brijuni IslandBrijuni National Park will delight everyone
Brijuni islands are an excellent choice for a one-day trip, especially if you are in a search for peace and tranquillity in an untouched oasis of natural and cultural heritage. Brijuni group of islands consists of 14 islands and islets of which the largest one is Veli Brijun. Besides the beautiful nature, the Brijuni islands offer numerous historical sights, from a Roman villa in the Verige bay to impressive Byzantine castrum. Mediterranean climate enables the development of lush vegetation, indigenous and allochthones species, and among the offer of the Brijuni flora, the most famous is the old olive tree which is one of the oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean. The olive tree is almost 1600 years old and still bear fruit which is used to produce olive oil.

Arsia Center Raša
The mining tradition in the Arsia miners’ house
Enrich your visit to eastern Istria and visit the Arsia miners’ house in Raša. The mining tradition and rich heritage of the life of the miners are displayed in the small museum of mining. All visitors to the museum will have a one of a kind experience of the work and life of the miners in Raša, blend in with the interior and experience the reality of mining.

Walking on the original railroad tracks won't leave anyone indifferent and the archive movies and screens with video projections will enhance the hardness of the underground world of miners.

Adrenaline Park Kringa
Adrenaline park Kringa for all adrenaline seekers
In Kringa, there is an adrenaline park located in the heart of Istria which offers an unforgettable stay in nature for adults and children seeking for adrenaline with the supervision of educated and qualified instructors. The newly opened adrenaline park offers a short track at 1, 5 - 2 meters height, a long track at 5 - 6 meters height, 4 zip lines, a large swing and a quad track. Are you ready to visit it?

In addition to cultural-historical, gastronomic and outdoor offer, Istria offers even more because everything is within your reach and in one day you can visit Aquarium in Pula, experience cultural sightseeing of the Arsia miners’ house and complete your day with an exciting stay in Kringa.