St.Elisha (Draguć)

St.Elisha - the oldest church in the settlement. It was built of stones of different colours deliberately arranged in decorative layers, which is the unique case in Istra, indicating ancient times and a Byzantine influence the same as does the saint to whom the church is consecrated.

Its interior is decorated with Romanesque wall paintings from the end of the 13th century, the work of an unknown master. Such as the vast majority of painted little churches in Istra this one also had to conform to the decisions of the Church Council in the 16th century, so the walls were smeared with a layer of white paint and the frescoes were covered. Revealed in 1947 they were restored from1986 till 1988. During the restoration works another, even more ancient, layer of pictures was discovered with the Altar stand actually being a Roman monument.

The Church of the Mother of God on the Square (Gračišće)

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