Church of St.Catherine, Svetvinčenat

The church of St. Catherine is situated in the north exit from Svetvinčenat. It is a simple building with a bell-gable and an 18th century loggia. It is a nice example of popular Romanesque architecture in Istria. It was built in the 14th century, while the frescoes were painted at the beginning of the 15th century.

 The frescoes were painted on the north, south and west wall of the chapel, and represent a cycle dedicated to the legend of this saint.

On the main field is the fresco of Mary with the Baby, in front of them is St Catherine with an arm stretched out to Christ who is holding her fingers, symbolising mystical engagement. Frescoes were created under the influence of Italian, and more precisely Venetian 15th century painting.

Outside Svetvinčenat there are three more interesting single nave churches with a loggia. These are the church of St Germain from the 16th century in the village Režanci, the church of St Mary of the Three Borders near the village Boškari from the 16th century as well, and the church of St Quirinus is bearing the same name as the village - Sveti Kirin.

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