The Church of St. Anthony, Vrsar

Within the easy reach of the small town gate there is the church of St. Anthony of Padova dating from the second half of the 17th century and having characteristics of the Renaissance-Baroque style. The facade is quite simple. On the portal lintel there is an engraved text written in form of abbreviations (I.O.B.C.F.F.C.E.L.E.) and the year of construction (1656). On both sides of the rectangular portal there are two square windows with iron bars. Over the portal there is a small round window and on the south wall a semilunar one. Above the facade a simple belfry is standing formed like an arcade. Up to the requisition for war purposes in the belfry there was a small bell from 1657 richly decorated with images of St. Anthony. Holy Virgin and the Saints. On the top of the belfry there is a stone ball and an iron cross.

In front of the church there is the arched doorway (roofed entrance). Arches and wooden roof frame are supported by ten stone columns. Such doorways are very interesting architectural-artistic motifs to be found in front of Istrian country churches. They originate from the period between the 14th and the 19th century and represented a prolongation of the church space. Those who did not manage to enter the crowded small church used to stand here, as well as persons under arms. Here people took shelter from the heat or rain. Those who were late and found up the closed town gate used to spend the night in the porch. Here the court trials took place and business arrangements were made.
The church interior has been renovated, so nowadays summer art exhibitions are held here.On the wooden Venetian altar (of the late Renaissance style with Baroque elements) there is a painting of St. Anthony with the Saints.