Church of St Euphemia (Gračišće)

At the end of the street leading from the Square, between the Church of the Mother of God and the Chapel of St. Anthony, is the Church of St. Euphemia, built in 1383 and thoroughly renovated in 1864. The church still keeps the monumental crucifix from the 13th century and the renovated altar of the Mother of God, Patron of the Church of the Mother of God na Placu. From the church of St. Euphemia to the south stretches the Pod Fumiju Street. It was the street of craftsmen and one of them, a blacksmith, engraved a hammer, the symbol of his craft, over his door next to the year 1451. The Street, which has retained its original appearance without major modifications, led out of the town through the South Gate, next to the recently renovated and impressive round tower built around 1500. It was through this Gate that the poljanci – the inhabitants of the surrounding villages entered the town looking for the services of craftsmen.

The Church of the Mother of God on the Square (Gračišće)

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