Cultural sights

Streets and Squares

In the course of the past centuries narrow streets and small intimate squares developed inside the ancient walls. Interesting examples of residential architecture containing elements of different historic styles have been preserved till the present days. Old houses with intersting architectural details (courtyards, water-wells, staircases, doors, windows, balconies, chimmneys) are particularly attractive. The street 'Ulica gradskih vrata' (The Town Gate Street) is leading from the main gate to the top of the old town. There are several interesting old houses in that street. Not far from the main town gate there is a house with curious stone figures representing two chubby-faced, full-breasted woman. The figures are built in high up in the house edges. Along this house the picturesque street 'Pod voltom' ('Under the vaults') is going, being vaultedon two spots. Vaulted streets are typical of the medieval archittecture. Little space inside the town dictated rational and economic use of it. In the Town Gate Street there is also a house dating from the 18th century characrised by both the Renaissance and Baroque style. On its portal the Latin text is engraved: IO PIETRO (voda) M POLLO (ieri) F (eccit) ANNO D (omini) 1757. (I, Petar Boico, of the deceased Pollo, solemny made in the year of the Lord 1757). On the right side there are several ancient houses. In the Casanova Street there is a nice house built in the Romanesque style. In 1963, during reconstruction works in the Town Gate Street, some fragments of the Bronze Age ceramics were found.On the top of the old town of Vrsar there is the parish church of St. Martin and the ruined castle (former summer residance of the Poreč Bishops).



Grimani-Morosini Castle


Stone Collection of the Lapidarium Museum


Castle of Pietrapelosa


House of frescos

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