Experience Pula, what to visit and see

Pula has always been interesting to its visitors, whether they explore the streets of the town's old-core that hide many secrets or beautiful indented coast full of coves, islets, cliffs and reefs.

Pula ArenaPula offers something for everyone, for all culture and history lovers there are many monuments of Roman, middle age and Austro - Hungarian heritage and for all nature fans, there is a possibility to try walking, running or cycling and various sea activities. The choice is yours!

Visit Arena and enjoy the gladiator fights
If you have already visited Pula and you missed to visit Arena, the beauty of the ancient architecture, you will surely feel like this visit never happened.

Experience the exciting world of the Roman fights and enjoy the spectacle in which the costumed gladiators with other actors will revive the historical gladiator fights in which everyone can participate!

Take a selfie with James Joyce!
Did you know that famous writer James Joyce has lived with his wife in Pula at the beginning of the 20th century and taught the English language in the building at the Portarata square? In his honour, there is a sculpture near the coffee bar “Uliks” that carries the novels name (Croatian for “Ulysses”) and visitors can have their favourite drink with Joyce and take a selfie with him at one of the most beautiful squares in Pula. Don't forget to use the hashtag#visitistria!

Pula Havajsko Enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Istria
Pula has one of the most beautiful indented coasts of the Istrian peninsula with numerous pebble and rocky beaches. As part of the Punta Verudela tourist resort, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of this area whose name is „Havajsko“.

Visit the market in Pula
The market in Pula is one of the unavoidable places that you must visit while staying in Pula, to experience this place full of merchants and customers that are in everyday search of seasonal fruits and vegetables and other local ingredients like cheese, honey and olive oil offered in this historical place. The market is located in the centre of Pula and his indoor part presents a real construction miracle of secession architecture, built of iron and glass in the year 1903.

Pula Dizalice
Experience the play of Pula lighting giants
Would you like to experience one of the most beautiful lighting spectacles? Take a walk to the waterfront in Pula and enjoy the play of Pula lighting giants.

Big iron cranes are located in the Pula harbour which change colours with help of the reflector and create special effects that will surely delight you.

Pula is full of interesting content and it's up to you to choose the ideal one that will enrich your stay in the 3000-year-old town, discover the monuments and attractions and enjoy the clear blue sea.