Top 5 Virtual Ways to Explore Istria

We recommend a free tour of the cultural and natural heritage that can be found only in Istria from the coziness of your home while you're sitting in the armchair connected to your wi-fi network. The advantage of it is that you don't waste your time waiting in line as you can search for all the information very quickly.

Find out more about the frescoes which you will usually need several days to visit it all, visit the galleries in Pula, explore the Brijuni National Park and find out more about places on the peninsula through the short videos and beautiful photo galleries.

The stunning beauty of Istrian frescoes
There are numerous old, small churches in Istria that hide real masterpieces of the mural art.

Perhaps you didn't know what kind of beauty is waiting for you there and therefore, we invite you to explore it from the coziness of your home and visit it live in the future. The hidden art treasure of Istrian tiny churches is waiting to be found.
Let the quest begin!

The archaeological richness of Istria
Visit interesting underground of the Amphitheatre in Pula, Museum - Gallery “Sacred Hearts” or C8 gallery! You didn't have to make a single step and yet, you've seen almost all of it. It will intrigue you to visit it live and not only virtually because there is a lot more to experience!

NP Brijuni
Brijuni National Park
Imagine that you drive Tito's Cadillac and you are experiencing a sightseeing tour of the only National park on the Istrian peninsula.

Enjoy the tranquility and the animals that move freely on the island. You might meet a dinosaur during your visit or just his footprints? Discover the place where Romans used to spend their summers.

The beauty of the Istrian towns and villages in one place
Visit the towns on the coastal or the inland part of the peninsula through short videos that will show you the reason why Istria is a beautiful and unforgettable destination and all visitors will gladly return to it. Don't forget that it's even more beautiful if you see it live!

Buzet, Istarska sahara
Sport and beautiful nature in one place
We certainly recommend our peninsula for all nature and sports activities fans, from less-experienced to the more demanding and full of adrenaline.

Check the tour of the cyclists, runners or amateurs that have brought together their love for nature and active way of life!