Green Istria

Picnic Spots in Istria

If you decide to visit Istria in spring, you can expect perfect weather conditions to have a picnic. Beautiful sunny morning, while you drink your first cup of coffee will inspire you to think about having a meal in the nature surrounded by colourful landscape. We have prepared several recommendations because Istria will surely inspire you with its viewpoints, open sea and hilltop towns.

Beautiful nature of the islands national park
Brijuni islands abounds with beautiful nature that blends and is surrounded by the blue sea. In order to get to this national park located on the island, you need to go to Fažana where you will board on a boat. After a short boat ride, you can enjoy the relaxing walk across the island.

Veliki Brijuni has an indented coast (25,90 km) and you can walk alongside it or part of it and stop in one of the idyllic coves, breathe fresh air, spread the blanket and enjoy the tastes and scents of the Mediterranean.

HumVisit Hum - the jewel of the inland of Istria
What is important to know about Hum? Hum - the smallest town in the world today has about 20 inhabitants. It has also been known as the town of „biska“ - the mistletoe brandy and according to the legend it was built at the time when the giants built the towns in the valley of Mirna.

Glagolitic writings at the entrance of the town, stone streets and a spectacular view from the taverns in Hum over the valley of Mirna are good reasons why you should visit this jewel in the inland of Istria. Choose a bench or a meadow where you will be mesmerized with the sounds of spring, Istria and „city crowd“ and enjoy in your picnic. After the delicious meal, you can have a glass of „biska“ in a tavern in Hum.

Cape Kamenjak as an ideal place for walking
In Premantura, on the southernmost part of the peninsula, you will find Kamenjak Nature Park which is an ideal place for walking or to have a picnic. Choose shorter or longer routes and walk on the promenade of dinosaurs where you will find their 98 million years old remains.

Enjoy the picnic in one of the coves and beaches near the sea or use the benches in the shade of the pine trees. We guarantee that because the beauty of this place you will surely return to Istria and use the benefits of the summer vacation and diving in the crystal clear sea of the protected landscape of the Cape Kamenjak.

Učka Vojak
Picnic at the Učka
Učka impressively rises above Istria and from its top, you can have a magnificent view of the surroundings.

Take off to an adventure of conquering Vojak - the highest peak located at 1396 above the sea level and have a delicious meal which you have prepared in advance and eat it at the loan with a view of the open space that never ends.

Explore the valley under Tinjan
Tinjanska draga (or valley) is only part of the longest valley in Croatia - Limska Draga - whose length, including the Lim Bay, is about 40 km. It is assumed that in the past the whole of Limska draga was a river bed, probably the Pazinčica, which changed direction towards the Pazin abyss with the rise of Orljak hill.

The valley abruptly changes its direction at the foot of Tinjan and extends southward, while near Dvigrad it takes a westerly direction continuing towards the coast to Lim. The plateau on both sides of the valley is over 300 m high, whilst at the foot of it there are a number of fertile plains on the red Istrian soil known as terra rossa or crvenica.

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