Green Istria

Be green with Istria!

In the busy everyday life, technology development, business stress, the growing problem of pollution in many countries, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of caring for the planet, becoming aware and making small steps as individuals to preserve and make the Earth, at least in this aspect, a better and more beautiful place for living. And, of course, leave a sustainable inheritance.

outdoor zelena Istra
Istria is a region abounding in natural beauties worth preserving. From the green central parts to the blue of its coast, all Istrian regions are special and their offer varies. Istria has recognized the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and, with that in mind, takes part in several different ecological projects.

Istrian guests can, for example, stay in eco- friendly accommodations; try eco homemade products, visit eco beaches with blue flags (clean sea water) and protected natural reserves.

eco domusAccommodation facilities which met a number of predefined criteria have gotten the EcoDomus label assigned by Istria’s Department for Tourism.

Some of the criteria are: social and ecological responsibility, protection of environment and health, use of eco cleansers, use of natural materials, water and energy saving, waste sorting and recycling.

There are currently 53 private accommodation owners in Istria with the EcoDomus label. For all those aware of the importance of protecting the environment, these houses and apartments represent the ideal accommodation for your next vacation in Istria. You can find them all over Istria. Click here for more.

med pazinDuring your stay in Istria, make sure you taste eco homemade products. This kind of production uses ecologically, economically and socially justified technological methods. One can find productions of extra virgin olive oils, honey, vegetables, craft beers, lavender, wine and flour.

Do not miss to taste the best eco production samples which are both delicious and healthy so much so you will want to take them home and “taste” over and over again. Treat your friends and family with some of these delicacies and help protect the environment.
List of producers and their contacts can be found in the following brochure.

In addition, Istria has made the effort to offer its guests several unavoidable eco museums where besides preserving the batana boat tradition (Rovinj), Istrian customs (Istrian de Dignan) and traditional stone shelters (Park kažuna) offers even olive oil tastings (House of Istrian Olive oil).

We believe you will like nature reserves like Brijuni National park and nature parks like Kamenjak and Učka, as well as blue flag beaches which give Istria a special glow with their blue transparency and invite you to splatter, dive and enjoy in the wellbeing of sea water.

You will not regret it. Visit Istria and act green!!