Natural attractions

Unique Play of Nature: Natural heritage under protection

Apart from the Brijuni Islands, the only national park in Istria, there are different categories of natural heritage under protection.

The mountain massif of Ucka, also the highest peak in Istria, was proclaimed a nature park, since it is the natural environment of several protected plant and animal species. Special reserves of forest vegetation are Motovun Forest and Kontija Forest, a special marine reserve is the sea and sea bed of Lim Bay, whereas Datule near Barbariga is a special paleontological sight.

Istria also has six forest parks (Zlatni rt, Sijana, Skaraba, Busoler, Kasteja Peninsula and Soline Hill near Vinkuran) and ten protected landscapes - surroundings of Istarske toplice near Buzet, Lim Bay, Pazin-Pisino abyss, Rovinj-Rovigno archipelago and coastal area, area of Gracisce - Pican, area around Labin, Rabac and Prklog Cove, upper and lower Kamenjak with Medulin archipelago and area of Ucka.

There are two botanical nature sights, mostly centuries-old trees, one zoological nature sight - Pincinova Cave, three geomorphologic - Markova Cave, Podbaredine Cave and Vela Draga below Ucka, one geological nature sight - Fantazija Quarry, and six monuments of park architecture.


  Name Category Proclamation year
1. Brijuni Islands national park 1983
2. Motovun Forest special forest vegetation reserve 1963
3. Kontija special forest vegetation reserve 1964
4. Lim Bay aquatorium special marine reserve 1980
5. Datule, Barbariga special paleontological reserve 1994
6. Palud-Palù special ornithological reserve 2001
7. Cave Monfiorenzo Fantazija geological nature monument 1987
 8. Vela draga under Učka Geomorphological nature monument 1964
9. Jama Baredine Geomorphological nature monument 1986
10. Marko's Cave Geomorphological nature monument 1986
11. Pincin's Cave zoological nature monument 1986
12. Four umbrella pine trees in Karojba nature monument 1966
13. Maple tree on stanciji Bašarinka nature monument 1992
14. Cypress tree in Kašćerga landscape architecture monument 1972
15. Couple of wisteria in Labin landscape architecture monument 1972
16. Trees surrounding St. Ann's Church, Červar landscape architecture monument 1973
17. Cypress alley at Rovinj-Rovigno's cemetery landscape architecture monument 1969
18. Trees at Poreč-Parenzo's cemetery landscape architecture monument 1992
19. Trees at Vrsar-Orsera's cemetery landscape architecture monument 1992
20. Gračišće - Pićan significant landscape 1973
21. Labin - Rabac - Prklog significant landscape 1973
22. Istarske toplice surroundings significant landscape 1962
23. Rovinj islands and coast significant landscape 1968
24. Pazin abyss significant landscape 1964
25. Lim Bay significant landscape 1964
26. Učka - northern part significant landscape 1998
27. Učka - southern part significant landscape 1998
28. Upper Kamenjak significant landscape 1996
29. Lower Kamenjak and the Medulin archipelago significant landscape 1996
30. Šijana park - forest 1964
31 Zlatni rt - Punta Corrente park - forest 1948
32. Škaraba park - forest 1995
33. Busoler park - forest 1996
Kašteja peninsula, Medulin park - forest 1996
35. Soline park - forest 1996
36. Učka
nature park 1999.


Brijuni Islands


Učka Nature Park and Vela draga


Palud: ornithological park


Kingdom of Festini


Baredine Cave