Green Istria

Top 5 Types of Aromatic Herbs You Will Find in Istria

The smells are particularly magical in Istria - especially in spring and summer months. If you plan a trip to Istria in this period, you will have the chance to discover aromatic herbs which will enchant you with their divine smells.

Immortelle - Youth elixir
You will recognize immortelle for its specific yellow colour, which isn’t strange because it particularly loves the Sun. It loves Istria, too. It grows along the coast and its essential oil affects collagen production and purifies skin. There are enough reasons for you to start loving this herb!

LavandaLavender - the violet rhapsody
Did you know that for making tea only true lavender flowers are used and that there are more than 40 lavender types in the world?

Some of them can be found in Istria - should you pass through central Istria or by the sea - you will definitely spot beautiful violet-coloured fields perfect for an Instagram photo to share with us.

Rosemary - food medicine
You will recognize it for its particular smell if you run it through your fingers. Imagine it in combination with fish specialties of our peninsula - it will enrich the taste of food.
If you walk by the sea, in its natural habitat, you’ll enjoy in its familiar odour.

KaduljaSage - healing beauty
If you like tea, we suggest you to try the sage tea with its antibacterial and antiseptic action. Sage is also widely used as a spice. Look it up by the sea if you plan your visit to Istria in May when this herb blooms.

Laurel - part of the Roman times, as well as the present times
It is no wonder that laurel was used to make wreaths - this herb is a symbol of victory, eternity and immortality. Laurel can be found everywhere in Istria - often as seasoning for meat specialties and sauces.

Have you noticed that most of the aromatic herbs in Istria grow by the sea? It seems the sea has a beneficial effect on the plants as well, not only people. We hope you’ll soon be enjoying in our treasures on the most beautiful peninsula!