Health and Wellness

It's Time to Relax!

The common goal of all Istrian spas is for their guests to be completely relaxed! Each spa with its own themes and methods will make you forget the everyday stress.

wellness belvedereSurrender yourself to different types of massages, a rich variety of Finnish and Turkish sauna and various whirlpools with their beneficial effect to the body and soul.

Professional programs of facial and body treatments, massages, modern fitness centers and indoor pools will please all your senses.

The professional and friendly staff will help devote your free weekend or vacation to yourself and your health.

Choose something for you from the variety of the spa offer, enjoy and relax!

Along with the benefits of Istrian spas, make the most of your stay by trekking or jogging by the beach, riding the bicycle on the marked cycling trails or by discovering the charms of small places in the Istrian inland.

Recover on the Green Peninsula