Health and Wellness

Turn off Your Smartphone and Enjoy!

Look for timeless beauties that require complete commitment of your senses. Free yourself from stress in Istria.

uliceSmall town streets, centuries-old forests, ancient theater, an imposing basilica and a mountain top are all unique places to escape from everyday life. Choose one of them, forget about everything and focus on yourself.  

Tower of St. Martin, Buje  
The once strategically important tower today serves as a gallery. Visit the exhibition, take a look from the tower, and then lose yourself in the lovely streets of Buje.

Afterwards step outside the city, following one of the wine roads, in search of top quality wine and home-made food. Welcome the night at a traditional tavern.  

kontijaKonti forest  
Near the Lim Channel, where the saint and hermit Romuald also found peace, grows a lush forrest whose paths will offer you a rest from busy everyday life. It is rich in plant and animal species, and one of the special features of Konti is an almost 150-year-old oriental hornbeam forest.  

Small Roman Theatre, Pula  
Antique Pula was full of cultural events, and it had as many as two theaters. The Small Roman theatre could accommodate as many as five thousand spectators. Today the semi-circular stone benches are empty. Enjoy the silence of the abandoned theatre and try to imagine what the performances looked like two thousand years ago.  

Euphrasian Basilica, Poreč
One of the most famous cultural monuments of Istria, known for its vibrant mosaics, seems as if it represents the universe in miniature. Relax in the silence of the great basilica and peacefully contemplate the most important things in your life.  

Climb Vojak, the 1394-meters-high Učka Mountain summit. Lean on the tower at the top and enjoy the warm sunshine. The magnificent view will compel you to empty your mind of overwhelming thoughts and enjoy the moment.