Sports and Outdoor

Sport Season Can Be As Long As You Want

With warmer weather, sport and recreation are becoming more and more important and bring new opportunities for exciting and unusual experiences all over Istria’s landscape. Istria is every year becoming more popular as a destination for active vacation.

There are months full of interesting sporting events ahead of us where you can participate as an active sporting amateur or have fun as a viewer rooting for your team. We have singled out a few...

Istratrek opens the sporting adventure. It is an orientation race which is this year taking place in Žminj. This race’s specificity is its year on year migration through the peninsula. You are all invited, armed with compasses and maps, to explore and (perhaps) get lost in nature!

While some run through marvelous landscapes, others prefer to see the peninsula on two wheels.
There are several interesting, important, international races traditionally taking place in Istria. One of them is the Istrian Spring, which is perhaps hiding future Giro d’Italia and Tour de France winners among its participants!

When nature begins to awaken and first rays of sun after a long winter touch the waves and pine tree tops along the Adriatic coast, The Laguna Poreč half marathon awaits with new races and tracks! Poreč will host all the runners and their fans who’d like to join in on the half marathon as well as shorter tracks.

Mid-April is reserved for the sporting spectacle 100 miles of Istria which you can’t miss! This is the most beautiful and most difficult trail race we have to offer. It spreads through the eastern part of Istria and its highest mountain all the way down ending on Istria’s western side in Umag. Enjoy the small medieval towns, deep forests, old train lane and muddy valleys spiced up in gorgeous panoramas along the way.

Limes bike tour is intended for families with children, but you are all invited! A stop above the Pirate’s cave, on the Lim canal slope is a must. There’s a magnificent view from there - an ideal chance for a short break and taking photos.

lavinDoes Helter Skelter sound familiar?! It probably does. However, in this case it is a different kind of music.
A dynamic change of climbs and descents on these interesting but challenging bike trails are only a part of what you can expect in Rabac! If you’re not intrigued enough, come and check for yourselves!!

After tiresome sporting activities or loud cheering, you’ll want to rest and make up for the energy you lost. A diverse wellness offer will help you with that as well as the renowned Istrian gastronomy with its high end ingredients and quality wines.
We invite you to visit Istria’s picturesque towns and we wish you a pleasant active vacation in Istria!