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Become Addicted to Climbing

Do you dream of experiencing the excitement of climbing natural rocks? Make this adrenaline dream come true in Istria!

climbing pazinMaintained Istrian routes, situated in the midst of spectacular scenery, attract climbers from all over the world.

Closely placed against a rock you will forget about all the irrelevant little things in life. Above you there will only be a clear sky, and below you the intact Istrian nature.

Climb in Istria all year round!  
All seasons are suitable for climbing in Istria. In spring, autumn or during colder days, you can enjoy in the sun in Kompanj. If you wish to try more demanding climbing, the Pandora climbing site is the right choice for you.

During the summer heat, let the sea breeze cool you as you climb the Golden Cape. All year round climbing site Buzet canyon also hides many secrets. On colder days, you can enjoy in the sun while in summer you can enjoy the seven waterfalls by the Mirna River with several hidden climbing oasis suitable for the whole family.    

rovinj climbingHow to choose an ideal climbing route?  
In Istria, there are officially 25 sport climbing routes that differ according to their complexity. Choose the climbing route that best suits you, because in inland Istria there are easy climbing routes for beginners and demanding climbing routes for professionals.

Select your ideal climbing route on the webpage Istria Climbing!

Artificial climbing route? Why not!  
Sometimes you will simply not have the time nor the will to go in a search of an ideal rock in nature. However, your thirst for adrenaline can be satisfied in the enclosed space on the climbing gyms.

Locations of climbing gyms: Pula, Rovinj, Pazin and Buzet.