Wrecks: Baron Gautsch (9)

Built in 1908, this Austrian passenger ship sank after hitting a mine in 1914. It was carrying the families of Austrian officers on the Boka Kotorska - Mali Lošinj - Trieste route. Wanting to shorten the voyage, the ship attempted to pass through a minefield, 9 nautical miles off of Rovinj-Rovigno, because, allegedly, a merchant ship had managed to do so shortly before. The Baron Gautsch touched a mine amidship portside, and the ship quickly sank.

On August 13th, on the occasion of the anniversary of those who died, a memorial dive and the lowering of chaplets is organised in honour of the victims of the worst sea tragedy to take place in the Adriatic area during the First World War.

Diving is allowed only through diving centres that hold a special permit of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and for safety reasons, entry to the ship is allowed only through the first two decks.

Sea depth: 38-40 m
Greatest depth: 39 m
Smallest depth: 28 m
Length: 89 m
Width: 11,5 m

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