Diving centre Shark

Experience diving on numerous interesting diving positions such as wrecks, rocks, tunnels and walls or go on a half or full-day trips and boat expeditions with experienced diving guides.

You can rent full diving equipment for recreational and technical diving, purchase equipment or service your own diving equipment.

Diving Center Shark is equipped with a compressor station for filling the air, oxygen, NITROX, TRIMIX’s and Argon. It owns two 12m boats, equipped with an elevator for lifting the diver from the sea, adapted for technical divers and divers with disabilities.

If you are just a visitor who would like to know more about the diving offer, thinking about how it feels to go underwater, surround yourself with the water and forget for a minute that you can breathe only at the sea surface… or if you are an experienced diver who seeks for an adventure discovering sites like wrecks, caves and undersea walls, Diving Center Shark will introduce you to diving and offer you an unforgettable underwater experience! 



all year, only by appointment

Diving courses ENG / DEU / ITA / FRA
Tank filling with nitrox, trimix, oxygen, argon and air
Diving shop & service
Catamaran diving boat adjusted for people with disabilities

Diving to the wrecks (AC Medulin): Romagna [5], Giuseppe Dezza [6], Maona [7], Marija [8], Baron Gautsch [9], Hans Schmidt [10], U-Boot [11], Varese [13], John Gilmore [14], Josephine [15], Draga [16], Flamingo [17], Luana [18], Cesare Rossarol [20], Argo [21], Lina [22], Vis [23], Admiralsschiff Vis [24], Medusa, Eridania, Kalliopi, MTB 655, Partizan, TA 36, Tübingen


Diving centre Shark
AC Medulin, HR-52203 Medulin
M: +385 98 366 110, info@diving-shark.hr, www.diving-shark.hr
Facebook: Diving Center Shark Croatia

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