Reefs: Zid prije Škvaranske - Wall near Škvaranske (36)

You begin the dive on the north side by jumping into the water and diving along the crag. The bottom slowly begins to drop as you follow the crag on the right and dive in a southerly direction. The crag rises vertically above you; it curves gently, creating underwater coves. Although the site has an average depth of about 25 m, there are two rocky extensions that go down to depths of about 40 m. This is a dive in which you do not return to your point of entry. The boat is anchored to the south and when you have finished your dive, you swim to it. Because the wall is rather long and interesting, a dive may last up to 60 minutes.

Sea depth: 52 m
Greatest depth: 40 m
Smallest depth: 10 m

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